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Microgreens Marbella!

Everyone knows that you should eat your greens for better health, but you may not be aware of the potential benefits of very small sprouted plants, called “microgreens.”

GSB Micro Asian Assortment

MicroGreens are on top of the finest cuisine in the world!

     Microgreens are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs harvested less than 14 days after germination. They are usually about 8cm long and come in a rainbow of colors, which has made them popular in recent years as garnishes with chefs.

​​Microgreens are not just a plain good-for-you food or a healthy garnish on salads and soups. Scientific research now proves that these tiny seedlings harvested and eaten when they are just a few inches tall are a real superfood packed with antioxidants and other health-promoting nutrients. 

Why Microgreens?

Healthy - Microgreens are extremely dense in vital enzymes, minerals and vitamins and chlorophyll.  

Delicious - Enjoy a dazzling array of new flavors.  Plants are at their absolute peak of flavor intensity at the Microgreens stage of life.

Different -  Microgreens are perfect as a complete salad, additions to traditional salad, on sandwiches, in soups, as garnishes and much more. 

Why us?

Grown in the mild, sunny climate of Marbella, Spain, our premium microgreens are robust, colorful with rich textures and intense flavors.

Daily planting throughout the year insures consistent availability and a fresh harvest for your finest culinary creations. 

Only Organic Certified Seeds.

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